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We have been working with the farmers encouraging them to go back to organic farming.For that we have taken out Krishi Yatras (Pilgrims) meeting the farmers on their farms,explaining the benefits of organic farming,giving live demonstrations and teaching sessions on their farms.We have also tried to encourage farmers to grow organic by assuring to buy back their produce at prices higher than the market rate. We have made demonstration farms so farmers can come and visit and see for themselves how successfully plants can be grown by using only organic methods.

Now we would like to encourage every householder living in cities to grow their own herbs and vegetables. This is possible by setting up a Vertical Garden or Hydrophonic Unit on the balcony.Anyone can grow organic veggies and herbs in their balcony without worrying about the space and fertilisers and pesticides. Our research shows the magnetised water will look after all that. So we provide a magnet with every kit. Also our research has shown that music helps the plants grow.You can add the music to your little garden and make your plants very happy.

Hydroponics System

Magnetic Water Technology

Vertical Garden

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For setting up the vertical garden, this is what we will provide:
1.6 Double sided containers for the soil, to grow the plants in.
2.Special composted soil
3.Magnet for magnetising the water and submersable pump(optional)
4.Drum for the magnetised water (Optional)
5.Organic liquid nutrients to add to the magnetised water(Optional)
7. Net pots with saplings (Optional)



If you prefer to water the vertical garden automatically this is what we will provide:
1. A Timer
2. A Pump
3. Drip Pipes
4. Drips
5.Connecting water pipes (Optional)


Consultancy And Workshops

We provide consultancy for setting up Hydroponic Units in Greenhouses and on farms and balconies.
We provide Workshops on a regular basis, for teaching how to set up Hydroponic System at home or in greenhouses.



For setting up the Hydroponic Units, this is what we will provide:
1.A 3 shelf PVC rack to hold the 4” water pipes for the hydroponic system.
2. Six 4” PVC Pipes for holding the water for the hydroponic system
3.Magnet for magnetising the water
4.Submersible pump for circulating the magnetised water
5.Drum for holding the magnetised water (Optional)
6.Organic liquid nutrients to add to the magnetised water (Optional)
7.Net pots
8.Net pots with saplings (Optional)



1.Music on Pendrive
2.An Amplifier (Optional)
3.Speakers (Optional)
4.Organic Floral liquid spray (Optional)
5. Sprayer (Optional)

Our Pricing



As Above (Including Magnet And Submersible Pump)



As Above(magnet and submersible pump extra ₹3000)



organic liquid fertiliser 1L₹250/-
Homepathic liquid fertiliser 1L₹50/-

Frequently AskedQuestions

We are organic farmers and environmentalists, wanting to help the farmers and householders to grow plants organically.

All our plants grow in water but we do not use any kind of chemicals or pesticides. Instead we use magnetised water technology and organic liquid fertiliser.

All leafy vegetables, like spinach, lettuce, iceberg lettuce, parsley, chives, tomatoes, celery, basil, chillies, flowers.

We magnetise the water by passing it through a specially designed magnetic units, and we only use this water in our hydroponic units.

Magnetised water technology works because once you magnetise the water, the molecules of the water change and they form a hexagon shape, which is easily absorbed by the plants. Because of the changed shape of the molecules the bacteria and parasites can no longer enter the plant with the water. So if you use magnetic water technology you do not need to use any pesticides. And this is what we have seen as a fact. This is just a brief summary, more detailed research results are available on request

We have designed a unit which occupies very little space so every householder living in a flat can have a small kitchen garden on their balcony. The soil is specially prepared by us to minimise leakage, and have healthy plant growth

All vegetables, like spinach, radish, tomato, garlic, parsley, okra, brinjal, chilli, basil, all varieties of lettuce bitter gourd, wheat grass, mint, coriander.

We play music of a particular hertz for our plants. As a result the pores of the leaves open wide to accept these vibrations and absorb the nutrients of any foilar spray you may use. So plants grow in abundance.

We prepare it by using minerals required by plants from Homeopathic preparations and we activate the water with a magnetic vortex for 12 hours. This liquid preparations you can add to the hydroponic unit and to the vertical garden plants.

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